Wild yarrow

Rewilding an area of your garden can be a fun and exciting project, often lowering maintenance time along with huge benefits to local wildlife and your own wellbeing too.

A hotly debated topic, there are many forms and degrees of 'rewilding', all giving back to nature whilst fitting in with your space and lifestyle. Some believe it is impossible to truly re-wild a garden, as the meaning of a garden is a tended space. Though the real driver behind the movement is to work with nature and your local surroundings, and be collaborative with the plants and creatures that you find there, rather than the historical view of control on dominance over the space. Most modern gardens come somewhere between these two views, which creates a wonderful balance between a wild space and a garden to use and enjoy.


Many of us have heard the benefits of a 'wilder' area of the garden and are keen to help the environment, but are a little lost where to start, and also still want a functional and good looking outdoor space. 


Some options for rewilding include:

- Replacing boundary fencing with hedging.

- Wildflower borders and lawns

- Adding a nature pond

- Planting native plants and trees

- Log piles, habitat areas and designated weed zones

- Understanding pollinator species in decline in your local area and planting specific plants for them.

- Creating undisturbed 'untidy' areas, to allow for nesting space for many creatures

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