Planting Plans

Planting plans are a great solution for clients who have a functioning garden design but want to refresh or replace their existing planting.  

Planting plans are created with consideration for the seasons and how plants will look throughout the year, ensuring there is year-round interest, whilst encouraging wildlife in. I create planting plans that allow the plants to grow and establish over 2-3 seasons. That means there is space between the plants, which will fill out in the coming months and years. Plants can also be supplied and planted for you. 

If you prefer instant impact, a full established design can be created, but please be mindful that this is more expensive as many multiples of plants are needed. 


Planting Plan Plant List Planting Plan Layout


- Included: Consultation, site survey and soil analysis; a digital plan of the planting and positioning, including a moodboard, plan of action, plant list and future suggestions; a care guide for your new planting.

- Planting plan prices range from £350 to £550 depending on the scale of the project. 

- Planting £35 per hour + cost of plants, compost & accessories (training wires, trellis, containers etc)


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