Over the next few months I'll be diving into the design process, with some key areas of information, such as Budget, Timelines and what you can expect from working with a designer.

First up, TIMELINES.

The majority of clients begin to think about their garden when the weather warms in Spring, hoping for their new garden to be ready for the summer. By Mid-February, we are usually booked up through to September, if not later! So if you are thinking of updating your garden over the next few years, get in touch sooner rather than later.

From initial contact it is usually 6-12 months before your garden build is complete, with many larger projects taking up to 2 years from ideas to reality. Creating a dream garden takes time, ideas need to form, soil should be tested, a full survey to assess the size and level changes. There may be planning permission needed. Seasonality affects which plants can go in when, and of course the weather can really affect the build.

If you are currently working on a house extension and plan to work on the garden afterwards, I strongly advise you to contact your designer now, so they can begin working with you and also work with your builders and architect to create a garden that seamlessly flows from your beautiful new inside space. 

I hope this helps you plan for your dream space. Next month, we’re talking budgets!

For more advice on your garden budget book a discovery call with us via the Get In Touch page.