Tropical Tiered Garden

Following building works in the house, the garden was design by the architect to feature a several tiers in angular shapes to make the best use of the slopping aspect. With a love of bright colours and Mediterranean holidays, we pulled together a planting scheme of bright colourful plants, and exotic shapes which would all thrive in the city location. 

Crystal Palace Tiered Tropical Garden

Structure was formed with a few key spiky plants, Cordyline, Phormium and Yucca, plus a beautiful young fig tree. Then followed leafy evergreen with Fatsia and Photinia. Low lying perennials and grasses filled in the space, with bright perennials popping through in summer and nasturtiums spilling over the edges. 


The scheme is a magnet for bees and butterflies which have filled the garden since the planting went in. 

Later we’ve added in additional planting along the lawn area, with a statement Rhus typhina tree, and a mix of tulips and alliums will go in this Autumn to give early colour and interest.

Planting supplied from Provender Nurseries, Paramount Plants & J Parker.