Privacy & lawn in Sydenham

Sydenham Lawn and Garden images


A beautiful large garden in the heart of Sydenham needed added privacy and easy transitions across different levels in the garden. Starting with a decking are that felt too large, creating a stage effect for neighbouring windows, leaving the family feeling overlooked from every angle, we worked on making the most of existing materials and adding in height and cover to create privacy and distort the view and sounds. The lower level was laid to gravel, without planting and just home to the trampoline. 

Reducing the size of the upper decking level, and dropping down to a lower decking area created a seating nook, with wide easy steps leading down into the new lawn area. Planting runs along either side of the lawn, with the option to extend this as the kids outgrow the trampoline. Adding in a shade sail added to the cosy feel on the upper deck and shielding the area from view.

Beautiful statement trees were the investment pieces in this garden. Bringing in the trees from surrounding spaces and giving the feeling the planting had always been there. Mixing flowering shrubs with long season perennials, with a gentle repeat keeps maintenance low. 

Climbing roses envelope the fencing, Silver Birch adds height and dappled shade, Verbena bonariensis added heights and wafts of colour.