City Courtyard

A small garden, in South East London turned wildlife oasis. The brief for this tiny plot was to pack in as many wildlife elements as possible, while giving space to entertain year round. 

Centralising the patio area, but leaving space either side for planting gives space for a table, seating and a BBQ area, with plenty of growing space around. In time to space will feel lush with climbers up the new slatted fence panels and will also begin to cover the existing shed. 

Using slatted fence panels not only gives a modern feel, but also allows light through into the space to keep an open feeling, important in a space of just 3m wide x 6m long in total. 

Courtyard Garden

Climbers are used along the fence line taking up minimal ground space but giving height and cover. In the wider bed areas at the front of the garden are filled with pollinator friendly plants in a range of purples, whites and yellows. 

Several bird houses and bug hotels are situated throughout, alongside a hedgehog highway and hedgehog house. A low bird bath gives a water source for a huge variety of creatures and a selection of bird feeders attached to the fence welcome a range of bird species. 

Courtyard planting